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CPD Day on Monday - List of training videos to watch

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 12:01 pm
by robinwilson16
It's CPD day on Monday so in-between training sessions I am delivering on ProAchieve we are going to be looking at some training videos and possibly doing some coding in Visual Studio - not watched any of these yet but been bookmarking them for a rainy day.

SQL Server:
Install SQL Server on Ubuntu: ... tup-ubuntu
Developing SQL Databases: ... at215-1x-1
SQL PASS 2017 Event Training Videos: ... ventId=736 (Free Registration Required)
Try R:
SQL Server Performance Tuning (on Google Compute Engine): ... te-engine/
SQL Server - Building an Always On Availability Group (on Google Compute Engine): ... te-engine/
SQL Server - Using Google Compute Engine for Disaster Recovery (eBook): ... covery.pdf
SQL Quiz:
Query the Live Stack Overflow Database:
Query the Live Stack Overflow Database on Google Big Query: ... flow?pli=1
Writing SQL Queries: (eBook)

Power BI/Excel
Ultimate Beginners Guide to Power BI: (Free Registration Required)
Power BI Best Practices: ... 239100166/
Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI: ... -dat207x-6
Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel: ... 05x+3T2016
Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel: ... 06x+1T2016
Creating Custom Visuals with R - Part 1: ... r-bipart-1
Creating Custom Visuals with R - Part 2: ... -bi-part-2
Creating Custom Visuals with R - Part 3: ... -bi-part-3
Microsoft Power BI Data Insights Summit 2017 Videos: ... 17OnDemand
Microsoft Power BI Training Videos: (YouTube)
Guy in a Cube Power BI Training Videos: ... J0w/videos (YouTube)
Multi Threaded Dynamic Visuals in Power BI: ... (YouTube)
Advanced Forward Forecasting Techniques in Power BI with DAX: ... (YouTube)
Advanced Scenario Analysis Techniques For Power BI w/DAX: ... (YouTube)

Microsoft Build 2017 Conference Videos: ... build/2017
Windows 10 Creators Update Development Tools: ... eloper-day

Mobile Development:
Creating Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps: ... -beginners
Xamarin Training for Cross Platform Development: ... U%29&term=
Xamarin Dev Days: ... -Days-Live
Xamarin Challenge (by Microsoft):
Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin (eBook): ... rin-forms/
Windows 10 Developer Videos: ... rsion-1511
Windows 10 Developer Videos (More!): (Free Registration Required)

Web Development:
HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals: ... x-html5-0x
Introducing TypeScript: ... ript-2933/
Animating with CSS (only intro is free): ... h-css-2941
Try PHP:
Developing with PHP: ... s-with-php
Try Laravel:
Elm Functional Language: ... -data-2940

C# Fundamentals: ... 2706218949
Try C#:
Try Python:
Introduction to Python: ... ft-dev274x
Python Development on Raspberry Pi: ... -pi-python
Python 3 (eBook):
Programming with Python: ... -dat210x-4
Try Elixir - Functional Programming:
More Elixir: ... ith-elixir
Get Started with .NET Core:
Assembly Programming on Commodore 64: ... n-windows/
Microsoft Channel 9 Development Videos:

Setting up Azure Active Directory: ... all-round/

Virtualisation and Hyper-V:
Try Docker:
Running Linux Containers on Windows: ... m=pubemail
Running SQL Server in a Windows Container (Docker): ... ontainers/

Getting Started with the Microsoft Bot Framework: ... bots-16759
Skype Bots:

Communication, Time Management and Public Speaking: ... w-year/3qc

Other topics:
Server build automation: PoSh DSC, Chef, Puppet
Source code control systems: Git, SVN

Re: CPD Day on Monday - List of training videos to watch

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 12:23 pm
by robinwilson16
Also CPD (in person) training dates:
03/03/2017 - UNIT-e Spring User Group @ Guildford College
08/03/2017 - Visual Studio 2017 Jumpstart:
21/03/2017 - TechNet #InnovateIT Camps: ... t-tech-go/