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Update table and field names to represent current ILR definitions

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:41 pm
by robinwilson16
We do not use RepGen and write the SQL ourselves in SQL Management Studio.

Understandably, Capita have stuck to the names they gave the fields when they were added to the system but this has led to a mixture of what came before the A fields, the A fields and other naming conventions from the time each field was added to the database.

Some examples:

Code: Select all

ExpEndDate = EIQ.ei_q17,
ActEndDate = EIQ.ei_q18m06,
Completion = EIQ.ei_q19,
Outcome = EIQ.ei_q20,
Grade = EIQ.ei_q21
I would like Capita to update their current field names to use the names as per the current XML ILR and create new views with the old names so as not to break compatibility with everyone's existing reports and to enable a slow transition to the new field names, both for Capita and for users of the system.

Without doing this, as time goes by we are going to end up with a mixture of more and more naming conventions as the government keeps finding ways to make the "simplified" funding rules even less simplified. :roll: